Our Mission

Our medical team at South Sound Medical Clinic has come together with a mission, which is to bring an innovative and unique approach to primary care and individuals with opioids disorders. Our mission is to treat the person, not the addiction, through a medically assisted treatment plan, combined with peer support counselling, naturopathich therapies, and eastern medicine acupuncture.

The ultimate mission is to allow the patient to gradually reduce their illness or addiction while restoring their lives and families. We understand that we are treating a diverse group of individuals and that opioids is much like any other medical illness. It requires an effective treatment plan with a diverse and effective medical team.

We strive to improve the quality of primary care services for all patients. We accept Medicade, Medicare and most private insurances. The medical staff fosters a high quality of care within a comfortable and safe enviornment. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of primary care to our patients and the community we serve and support. We are committed to our communithy.